Grooming by Jess

at Crossroads Pet Hospital

Bring your babies to Crossroads Pet Hospital to be groomed by our seasoned groomer Jess Payton. Jess has spent the past decade devoted to grooming animals in the Dallas area. Her passion for pets, gentle touch, and skill for grooming make Jess an easy choice for keeping your pet fresh and healthy! We also have sedation available for anxious or aggressive pets.

Treat your pet to a grooming with Jess at Crossroads Pet Hospital! Call 972-416-4060 to make an appointment today.

Our Grooming Services:


Whether your puppy fits in your palm or you have a gigantic dog a touch too large for a standard size bathtub- we can take care of the bathing! We use special shampoos to banish dirt and odor without disrupting the delicate pH of your pet’s skin.

Tooth Brushing

Regular tooth brushing is part of your pet’s health and hygiene but home brushing routines can be difficult to maintain. Bring your pets to Crossroads Pet Hospital for a quick tooth brushing session to keep your pet’s breath fresh and teeth and gums health.

Furminator Shed-less Treatments

Brushing sessions to remove undercoats or matted fur take a long time and can be painful or stressful for your pets. Say goodbye to the anxiety of trying to reduce shedding with Furminator Shed-less Treatments! Furminator Shed-less Treatments use special solutions to loosen the fur then Furminator tools to remove stubborn hair with ease.

Dremel Nail Trim

Never worry about nicking your pet during a nail trim again! Crossroads Pet Hospital’s seasoned groomer will keep your pet’s nail at a comfortable length using a special dremel tool specifically for reducing your pet’s nails or paws in safe increments.

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning your pet’s ears is a delicate process. Safe ear cleaning promotes healthy bacteria while banishing infections and mites that cause pain, discomfort and may cause long term problems.