Pet Health Services

in Carrollton, TX

Finding veterinary hospital you can call home is no easy task. Crossroads Pet Hospital offers pet health services such as preventive care, surgical care, grooming, and more for your pet’s wellness and comfort. Call us today to learn more about how we can put your pets on a path to greater health and wellness.

Pet Health Services in Carrollton, TX
Veterinary Services at Crossroads Pet Hospital


Preventive Care Services in Carrollton, TXYou can trust your pet’s health to Crossroads Pet Hospital. Our veterinarians combine preventive care, internal medicine, and surgical care to ensure your pet has the best care possible. We offer second opinions as well as coordinate with local general veterinary practices to ensure we have your pet’s medical history for the best course of treatment.

Is your pet facing a serious illness?

Crossroads Pet Hospital uses advanced diagnostic tools like x-rays, laboratory tests, and ultrasound to diagnose serious medical conditions such as:

  • Heart diseases
  • Cancers
  • Liver diseases
  • Kidney conditions
  • Blood disorders
  • Infectious diseases
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Respiratory diseases

Let our veterinarians put your pet on the road to healing and all-over wellness today: call 972-416-4060!

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Veterinary Surgery Services in Carrollton, TXWhether your pet needs a small procedure or a more complex surgery, Crossroads Pet Hospital is fully equipped for your pet’s surgical needs! Your pet’s surgical care begins with our advanced diagnostic tools, and follows your pet through with compassionate follow-up care throughout the course of your pet’s healing process. We set ourselves apart with our brand of leading-edge medicine and concern for each of patients.

Does your pet need surgery? We can help! Call us at 972-416-4060.

What to expect when your pet has surgery at Crossroads Pet Hospital:

Advanced Diagnostics

Our veterinarians are trained to get to the bottom of your pet’s aches and pains. We use examinations and advanced tools such as x-rays and ultrasound to understand your pets surgical needs.

Appropriate Anesthesia

Your pet’s anesthesia is carefully monitored for your pet’s unique conditions. We will safely sedate your pet based on their age, weight, and medical conditions.

Constant Monitoring

We monitor your pet’s heart and respiration throughout their surgery to ensure they are safe throughout the procedure.

Modern and Safe Surgical Techniques

Our veterinarians stay abreast of the most current techniques for performing surgical procedures.

Compassionate Nursing Care

At Crossroads Pet Hospital, our staff cares for each patient as if they were our own. Whether that means administering extra cuddles, or ensuring a patient has a favorite toy after surgery.

Pain Management

We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible after surgery, for this reason we offer pain management immediately post-surgery.

Post-Operative Care

Our support does not end as soon as you leave Crossroads Pet Hospital. You are sent home with all post-operative care instructions, however if you have questions please reach out for any questions or after-hours concerns you may have.

Convenient Prescriptions

Our on-site pharmacy makes it easy to take care of your pet’s pharmaceutical needs.

Book your pet’s surgical consultation today by calling 972-416-4060.

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Feline and Canine Dentistry

All team members at Crossroads Pet Hospital have gone through extensive training in all aspects of canine dentistry and feline dentistry to offer you and your pets the very best options. We know that virtually all animals over the age of two have sone dental disease; it is, after all, the most diagnosed condition in cats and dogs. Even more outstanding is that most small breed dogs have dental disease before they reach a year’s age–they need dental exams, and sometimes dental work, as soon as their adult teeth come in. We’ve invested in incredible equipment and training to provide you with safe, efficient, complete pet dentistry services.

Does your pet need dental work? They’re not alone–all pets do. We can help! Call us at 972-416-4060.

What to expect when your pet has dentistry at Crossroads Pet Hospital:

A lot of pet dentistry is similar to your own experience at the dentist:

  • We take x-rays (dental radiographs) with a machine made just for that purpose
  • We clean all the teeth with an ultrasonic scaler and hand scaler
  • We polish those pearly whites
  • We do a complete oral exam to look for growths and signs of disorders

Based on the full exam, performed under anesthesia, and the results of the radiographs, we decide whether we need to do more: to save a tooth, to extract a tooth, or for another problem we find. Bad teeth hurt. Good dentistry makes the pain go away. Let us help keep your pet in kissably clean condition. LEARN MORE

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Pet Boarding in Carrollton, TXGo ahead and take that vacation or business trip without the stress of finding a pet-sitter! You can trust Crossroads Pet Hospital to care for your pets like family while you are away. We offer clean, climate controlled boarding lodging with separate areas for cats and dogs to reduce stress!

Book your pet’s boarding reservations today! Call 972-416-4060.

What to expect when your pet is boarded at Crossroads Pet Hospital:

  • Fresh food and water twice daily
  • Cat condos separated away from dog kennels
  • Fun, outdoor exercise sessions
  • Veterinary access for emergencies
  • Medical boarding available for special circumstances

Does your pet need a little TLC?

We are equipped to handle some pets’ medical or behavioral needs circumstances. If your pet needs medicine or other special care arrangements, give us a call to see if we can accommodate your pet.

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Grooming by Jess at Crossroads Pet HospitalA clean pet is a healthy pet! Bathing and grooming your pet can help relieve itching, keep skin healthy, and relieve your pet of tangled or matted hair. Crossroads Pet Hospital offers complete grooming services for dogs and cats, with the option for sedation for anxious or aggressive pets. Crossroad’s Pet Hospital staffs a seasoned groomer available for weekday and weekend appointments.

Call 972-416-4060 to make an appointment!

Our pet grooming services include:


Say goodbye to dirt and odor by treating your pet to a bath! Crossroads Pet Hospital uses shampoos and soaps specifically formulated to not disrupt the pH balance of your pet’s skin.

Tooth Brushing

Keep your pet’s teeth healthy and their breath fresh! Have your pet’s teeth brushed to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Furminator Shed-less Treatments

Furminator Shed-less Treatments are high-end tools and grooming solutions to remove your pets excess hair and reduce the reoccurring shedding.

Dremel Nail Trim

Trimming your pet’s nails can be tricky and stressful for you and your pet! Our seasoned groomer is happy to take on nail trims with a special dremel tool used to reduce nail length in small increments.

Ear Cleaning

Prevent infection, clear mites, and help promote healthy bacteria by having your pet’s ears cleaned! Ear cleaning can be a delicate procedure, let us safely and thoroughly clean your pet’s ears.

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